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Lost spider ruby ring found..

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We were detecting a Plantation in W Nc a while back, this place is from the 1700's, was the largest and farthest West of any plantation in the US when it was built, and is still in the family after all these years.

 Anyway... I was detecting around a garden bed at the house, I was using my CTX 3030 got a awesome target! I dug up a silver ring that had a spider on it and the back was a red ruby!

So the honor came out talking to us, begins to tell us how he had lost his favorite ring a month or so ago , was working in his flower bed when yellow jackets got after him and the ring fell off!

Unknowling to him, I had the ring in my pocket!! So I pulled it out, and asked " does it look like this?" 

He grabbed me up and hugged me and even shed a tear!! It was his favorite ring and had years of meaning to him!

was good to give back after all the time he allowed us to detect his Plantation!

Jeff Truitt

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