Button & Brass?

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Any idea on this button? Found it outside Charleston, SC. I'm thinking a railroad button of some sort?




Found this broken piece of brass. Found in an area where both colonial and civil war relics turn up.






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The brass looks similar to a toy cannon?

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  Maybe Carolina Central Railway a little closer to Charleston    - found this online:    On April 10, 1873, the Wilmington, Charlotte, and Rutherfordton Railroad was reorganized as the Carolina Central Railway Company. In 1874, a new line was completed to Shelby, NC. The new company constructed a bridge across the Pee Dee River and extended tracks through Monroe to join the rails at Charlotte in December of 1874. Thus, the Carolina Central Railway operated a main line of about 240 miles between Wilmington and Shelby, NC.

In 1877, the Raleigh & Augusta Air Line Railroad made a connection with this line at Hamlet, NC, opening up a through route to Raleigh and the north. However, even that additional business did not enable the company to operate at a profit.

A receiver was appointed by the courts in 1876, and on May 31, 1880 the company was sold at foreclosure to be reorganized as the Carolina Central Railroad, as shown above.

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