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  1. Glad you had a good time. Thats what its all about, finding a few relics and meeting others who enjoys the hobbie
  2. Well said Mark. Yep, very proud to be part of the JGD group Also Earl you get a thumbs up for that one
  3. I agree with Ray 100%. I know you have givin me spots even give me your TDI to use when I had a VLF. Back in the day. I know how much work goes into making these hunts available So don't worrie about one persons comments that only shows there true side. Also love the small groups. Don't have to worry about 200 people in one field with all the Interferance. keep doing what your doing. It works and shows what your all about. A good time with old and new friends and saving relics
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. excellent finds bud. Have not tried putting the pickle jar together yet.
  6. nice button Ray.
  7. SWEET!!
  8. I live in Va and sometimes dont find that much. You did good keep it up
  9. Looks like yall tore it up. WTG
  10. I second that!
  11. Got out with some hunting buddies a few weeks ago Colby and VaMark. Had a great time and saved a few relics in the process
  12. nice find! Thats the way to close out deer season
  13. excellent find. I always after electrolysis use the hot wax method. I sent you a message on how I do it.
  14. excellent find James, congrats
  15. I second that.