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  2. Start by going to the right website, lol.... kidding But you are in right the right forum for signing up for the hunts. Normally one hunt in the fall and one hunt in the spring. You just have to keep a close eye out for when sign ups are posted.,
  3. Like I mentioned in the first post.... just an idea
  4. I could see that being an option, I was thinking of a way for it to be done up front while doing the final roster and less of a hassle during the actual hunt itself other than a drawing a name at the hunt.
  5. 83 views and no comments?? Something like this needs support to be put into action if you guys are interested. I know most of you guys are in the private forum now but some likes or comments would be good to add onto something like this.
  6. James, Just a thought I had that I will throw out there. How about charging an addition amount like $1 per person per hunt (for a 250 person hunt) and having a drawing to win a free hunt for the following season? Obviously it would have to adjust some depending on the allocated slots for the hunt. if it were only 125 attending then it would be and extra $2 if the hunt fee was $250. I would be happy to pay that extra dollar or two upfront while already paying the hunt fee to have a chance at a free hunt. I would assume if most people can afford the normal hunt fee of $200+ they could swing that extra dollar or two... Anyways, just an idea I had. Robo
  7. should have mentioned purchased 6 months or so ago if that, so I think there is a ton of warranty let on this thing. I am not even sure what they are on coils.
  8. Lmao....
  9. Local to most of the hunting grounds and can meet somewhere close for the hunt if anyone needs it. This is brand new and hasn't even been out the box yet.
  10. Axe and sheath maybe..?
  11. I get it man, me and my buddy have only missed a hunt or so in the past few years and we are way down on the list and there are a ton of new people going, however that's what keeps these hunts going. Lesson learned to check a couple times a day. I can say I somewhat agree with your post however it'd be just as easy for someone to create an account for their wife and child too if you want to go that route. It does suck not signing up in time, but keep in mind people have lives too and don't want to miss the chance to get on the list by asking a buddy to sign them up. Also their are people who are older and people who may not have access to internet. Either way hopefully some people cancel and the people who really want to go make it on the list...
  12. What the hell is a 2th...
  13. Dam James, for some reason I didn't get the invite email..... :)
  14. Good vid, congrats