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  1. Just saw this, Congrats on the button!! That is in great shape.
  2. Thanks for sharing Earl. I to got the impression after a couple of their hunts and the way they treated RR, they were greedy, underhanded, and hypocritical people. I once saw their son in the field on a utv, spin dirt all over a poor relic hunter and his stuff, don't think it was intentional but when the digger said something about it to him, he rushed back and called him a liar and that there was no way he did that. Their son then asked the digger if he "knew who he was" and threatened to have him thrown off the property, he then road back to the hq tent and they were all laughing about it. Told me right there the kind of, people they really are. Their son did publicly apologize a few days later, but just the way it went down in the field was bad. I met James at one of their hunts when he gave me and my buddy Chris a ride, for our first and several more of their hunts, before he got banned for having a website, JGD. He showed me and my buddy Chris a lot about relic hunting. After attending several of the JGD hunts, we were asked to be a part of the committee, I am Proud to be a part of JGD group. James is a committed relic hunter and in it for the right reasons. Keep up the good work Bibb! Thanks to everyone who comes to the hunts.
  3. You did good! Congrats
  4. Nice finds!
  5. Great job on finding those huts and recovering some awesome relics and bottles! Congrats!
  6. Send payment as soon as you are ready.
  7. Hey buddy, missed the fall hunt do to having knee surgery, but am ready and  all set for spring hunt. It was great meeting you at the cut over hunt in Culpepper , and hoping you plan to do the spring hunt in Fauqure county .in Mar. Anyway just wanted to say hi. Hope to see you their. 

    1. VaMark


      Hey, I wondered what happened, I hope you are ready for some digging. Should be a good hunt! Cya there.

  8. Nice Finds Chip!
  9. Nice bunch of relics! Love that bottle.
  10. Nice finds James!
  11. Congrats on the buttons and other relics! Love the block I.
  12. Nice finds Glenn!
  13. Great finds! Congrats
  14. Congrats on the finds! That's an impressive bunch of relics.
  15. That Masonic find is awesome!! Wtg Dusty, great hunts!