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  1. very nice!
  2. Thanks guys!
  3. I was laughing pretty hard! It was the last thing I expected to see pop outta' the ground at a cellar hole in the middle of nowhere. It was really caked with dirt, so it took a minute or two of cleaning to unveil this beauty, haha!!
  4. I've been feeling a little better over the last few days. The weather has been decent so I decided to go out to an old cellar hole and do some light detecting yesterday and today. I have been going to this cellar hole for a while and it still pops up good stuff. The finds from this cellar hole over the years seem to range from mid 1700's - 1920's. The oldest coin I have found at this site was a 1774 Spanish 1/2 Reale. I can't seem to find any markings on the two people doin' the nasty. It's brass and has a thick green patina. Not sure how old it is, but I haven't found any items that date past the 1920's so far. It felt great to be back out finding some history. Bezel (?) 1887 Liberty Head Nickle Colonial Era Flat Buttons (1700's) Victorian Era Pornography ?
  5. I have found the Model T valve covers in the past, it's not that. You can see the writing on it that clearly reads Benzedrine.
  6. I would have laughed in their faces, haha!! They sound like they know nothing about this hobby. I'm not gonna' say that there aren't coins 18 inches in the ground, but to say what they said to you is just ridiculous. All the Seated dimes I have found were less than 8" down. My first Seated was a 1/2 dime (1839). I found it with my AT Pro and the 5 x 8 coil at 7". I have watched you go nuts about this hobby, stop listening to what people tell you that don't pursue our hobby. Do not waste your money on a larger coil. AGAIN, these coins are at older sites. THAT is the secret to finding Seated coins. All my Seated coins were found at sites that were active through out the mid 1800's. Trust me your Etrac will find a Seated coin down to 10" with no problem if you get over one. I'll also tell you this....My Seated coins did ring in the silver range like Mercs and Rosies, they rang up like pennies.
  7. I found a nice dog tax tag yesterday. Not your area, but if you like to look at dog tags, this one is in good shape for it's age.
  8. Thanks all!!!
  9. Got permission to hunt to oldest property in my area....1710. Most of the grounds have been manipulated, but I managed a nice crotal bell for the owners. VERY nice people and this property landed me 6 more spots. I'll be returning here from time to time. I am sure there is more stuff, I just need time. Pretty much all the property surrounding the house was dug and a refilled back in the 1980's. There are back pastures that are untouched. That is where I found the bell.
  10. Cleaned her up a bit more with a toothpick and some mineral oil....Size of a silver dollar....
  11. Thanks for looking this up James!
  12. Thanks Paul!! You've been racking up the ring totals like crazy!!
  13. Here it is someone found it...:
  14. If you click on the pic, it gets bigger. You can see more detail. It has been ID'ed at one site as an 1862 store card token. Just not sure what store the token was from. Found it in Somserset, NJ....
  15. Got out for a nice hunt with some friends today and scored what appears to be a token. Date is either 1862 or 1882. After cleaning the detail was no better than these pics. Any thoughts?