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  1. Reduced to $2,000.
  2. Minelab gpx4500 i bought new in sept 2016 so still has lots of warranty remaining. Comes with everything it came with new, 11"dd and mono coils,harness,both chargers and a eureka worx camo battery holder/control box cover. Also comes with the docs gold screamer package which really cuts the weight down of the detector. I have around 35 hours logged with the machine and it works great. I just need to sell it. $2200 for everything.Located in east TN. Email me at and i can send pics.
  3. Worked a 75'x75' area. No reb buttons. Found a nice Eagle I coat button but the maid at the hotel trashed it. Soil was tough but i kept scratch'n.
  4. Kevin and Richie Myers
  5. I had mine upgraded 6 months ago. It does run smoother and electrical interference doesnt bother it anymore. If you usually run it in discrimination mode then youll (didnt lose any depth and its quieter)love the upgrade. Unfortunately in all metal mode(what i always used) it lost probably 2 inches in depth but its not chatty at all. Like i said,if you use it in disc mode then its worth it but all metal its not. I am actually trying to trade mine for a non upgraded one so if you use disc mode i would trade you but if youre like me and use all metal then you DO NOT want the upgrade. Hope this helps
  6. Kevin Myers and Richie Myers
  7. Kevin Myers @ Richie Myers
  8. Whites tdi pro i bought new around feb. It was made in 2016. Comes with car and wall charger. In great physical and working condition. Very deep machine. $975 obo. Email me at for pics if interested. Thanks
  9. Dang,thats alot of lead. Really nice finds
  10. Thanks everyone. My brother found 2 of the type 3 cleaners within 10 yds of where i found those 3.
  11. Yeah,they were basically together. Found back in far woods. Any idea on that bullet pictured by itself? Its about a 50 cal,could be modern i guess but it was in a camp.
  12. Walked alot and found a couple little hot spots. My 3rd time using my tdi pro and it did really well for me. The knife pictured i found in a small camp littered with square nails and it was around 10 inches deep but not certain on the age of it. The eagle staff button cleaned up really well but the eagle "I" cuff button was ready to fall apart and i didnt try cleaning the other eagle coat button either. Not sure on the bullet by itself,it is a 50 cal flat base but im not certain on the type or age of it. Found the Williams cleaners in a 2 foot circle and the rest of the minie balls just here and there. My brother dug a dozen or so minie balls and a couple eagle coat buttons too. Had a good time.
  13. Dang,thats awesome. More minie balls than i find in a year. Great job!
  14. Kevin and Richie Myers
  15. I have had mine since they came out. Ground here is mild with some hot areas. I run all metal,boost process,sensitivity 95-98. Noisy but im used to it and can hear the real signals. To make less noisy just decrease sensitivity. Make sure you ground balance often. Hotter ground i just lower sensitivity until the falses go away. Super hot ground/rocks its tough. I have had some luck in de,sens 85-90,2F,discr 10-15 too. All metal 99% of the time though. Just start simple like all metal,bp,sens 70 or de,sens 80,disc 15. Good luck