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  1. Whining? I'd say extreme ... looks to me like he's love to hang a few of us detectorists! Whether you loved or hated the TV show "Diggers," here is, in part, what the show's Archaeologist Marc Henshaw had to say (07/21/15) in his blog , ... seems to me a a more reasonable, respectful, middle of the road approach: "Is this the perfect system for showing archaeology on a reality TV series like Diggers? No. Can this create a foundation where one community (archaeologists) and another community (metal detectorists) can work together? Absolutely. Common ground is what we seek, and have to seek. There are no laws protecting cultural resources on private land. The show never went on any property that was not privately held and always with landowner written consent. Archaeologists have to accept the fact there are people with metal detectors. We cannot lament their existence or try to stifle their use. Fathers take their sons or daughters out metal detecting, people comb beaches with metal detectors, and looters raid sites with them. All of them are passionate about history even the ones who feel they are entitled to own it. It is then up to us, the archaeologist to guide the narrative. For too long has organizations like the SAA (Society for American Archaeology) and SHA (Society for Historical Archaeology) called for a public presence of archaeologists to engage the public about the value of cultural resources. We are to be activists leading the charge in the public’s eye as the holders of the arcane knowledge of the past! That is a pervasive sentiment among our profession. Who owns the past? The archaeologists? We feel we’re the most qualified to interpret it. The metal detectorists? Many have a deep connection to the land and feel as if history can be owned or commoditized." "The Diggers show has introduced me to both camps now and everyone in between. I met hardened looters who keep what they find and distrust archaeologists. I’ve met archaeologists who keep what they find in white storage boxes in backrooms ready for their “analysis”. Diggers places us in a unique position. For one, we as archaeologists should have had shows like this a long time ago. Instead we attend conferences and write papers waiting for the production companies to come to us and talk about public engagement. Now there is a controversial show where we must be reactionary. I disagree, this is the moment we need to seize. This is the moment we can help metal detectorists and others in their community become stewards of the past like we are. We can educate by creating programs like the one Matt Reeves established at Montpelier, Virginia, using metal detector enthusiasts to help interpret a site. Both communities can work together to explore and preserve the past."
  2. Suggest you Google Tom Dankowski's blogs regarding the Fisher F75, = an extraordinary amount of great, useful information that can be applied to ensure best performance.
  3. Suggest you Google Tom Dankowski's blogs regarding the T2's close cousin, the Fisher F75, = an extraordinary amount of great, useful information that can be applied to your T2 to ensure best performance.
  4. Wow, just beautiful!
  5. She's seen a few winters and maybe a little rough, but I sure do like her! Purdy!
  6. True Dat! Somewhat puzzling ... "CCRy" = railway vs. "CCRR" = railroad ... significant? IDK. This might be of interest
  7. Perhaps and If so, a long way from its home!