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  1. SOLD
  2. I attended my first hunt at Jackson's camp in March and used a TDI SL. Since I enjoyed it so much and plan on attending more of these hunts I already upgraded to a GPX 4500, but need to know how to set it up for these hunts. I don't have the high mineralized soil where I live, so need advice on what to set things at, and what program to use, or tweak. i there anybody willing to share settings with me?
  3. Is this a PI or VLF detector?
  4. GPX

    I just upgraded to a GPX 4500, what settings should I use? Hi mineral seems like the logical choice? Is it? What tweaks should I make to an existing program??
  5. Bob of eureka word is dealing with some health issues and currently not taking orders. And I already spoke to chuck, he carries eurekaworx but doesn't have any. Thanks anyway.
  6. SOLD
  7. Lol, not a problem
  8. Mono, says so in the ad
  9. Almost new, used once Coiltek Platypus waterproof mono coil for the SD/GP/GPX. $150
  10. Eurekaworx isn't taking orders due to health reasons, possible in the future. will check out Firt Bedford
  11. I just upgraded to a GPX 4500 and want to buy a control box cover with an attached battery holder. Where can I find one?
  12. I just upgraded to a GPX 4500 and have seen guys using control box covers with an attached battery holder, but can't find one. Where can I get one?
  13. Also, what custom program are you modifying? patch, hi-min, hi-trash, or test??
  14. I just upgraded to a GPX 4500, will these settings work for it?
  15. I am selling my TDI SL, it has the stock 12" coil, rechargible battery pack & charger, AA battery holder, plus a holder for 3 18650 lithium ion batteries, and a rain cover. I also have a new Miner John 12x18 coil. I only used the detector & coil for 2 days during the Jackson Camp dig. I bought the detector used from a guy who only used twice. I bought the Miner John coil brand new. The date inside the detector battery lid is 2016 and there is about a year warranty left. $1000 for everything or trade for a Garrett ATX