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  1. GPX

    KILLER BEES all the way... they stay on your head, sound is great, handle being beat up, the cold, the wet,, and if anything goes wrong as i pulled the cable lose, they repaired them in 2 day sand had them back no questions!
  2. GPX

    Im no expert and have to read up on it everytime i use it. I have a new one from first of year. How ever i had it set up i could really tell the difference in nails and good stuff. There's some good videos on youtube, one says GPX CLASS PRE LOAD DIV XXXII by Anthony Hochstetler. Its really good and he will answer question really quick, Heath Jones of Treasure Mnt Detectors is also a pro at it,, he will help you anytime, he's the one does the pod cast on monday nights..
  3. I want on,, so i have to sign up again for the 2nd?
  4. well worth it!
  5. Hi ya all My good friend and archeologist buddy Nick Bell found a site in Burke County NC, right in downtown. THe town had severed as a major business and industrial center since the beginning of NC. Nick had found a flowing hair coin, and many many other awesome items,, the site was an old tavern from the early to mid 1700's. We even found a metal lid covering an old privy! Under this lid, were pottery pieces that look as if they had just been placed there today!!, all smashed, also found what seemed to be bear claws and other animal bones.. We never did dig it out! I had found a nice eating plate, a small buckle for suspenders maybe , a few buttons,, then I found something I thought and still think is really neat as I have never seen or found another! It is a "patch knife" used to cut cloth when loading a muzzle loading weapon! . I would guess same time period as the Tavern . i debating on doing electrolysis on it,,, but we will see !! thanks for looking jeff
  6. I found this in 2014 in Colchester England. I was using a CTX 3030 and was hunting in a field that had been plowed and rolled, it's said this area was a former fair site. This is a Silver Hammered Penny,. This is just as it came out of the ground and per the museum in Colchester it dates around 1100's. This was my very first Hammered silver in England! My wife took it and had it Made into a pendent for my birthday ! Headed back over there in Oct, can't wait! It has to be the best hunting spot on earth for me!! I go 2 times a year and we have a blast! Thanks for looking!! NC Jeff
  7. We were detecting a Plantation in W Nc a while back, this place is from the 1700's, was the largest and farthest West of any plantation in the US when it was built, and is still in the family after all these years. Anyway... I was detecting around a garden bed at the house, I was using my CTX 3030 got a awesome target! I dug up a silver ring that had a spider on it and the back was a red ruby! So the honor came out talking to us, begins to tell us how he had lost his favorite ring a month or so ago , was working in his flower bed when yellow jackets got after him and the ring fell off! Unknowling to him, I had the ring in my pocket!! So I pulled it out, and asked " does it look like this?" He grabbed me up and hugged me and even shed a tear!! It was his favorite ring and had years of meaning to him! was good to give back after all the time he allowed us to detect his Plantation! Jeff Truitt
  8. Jeff Truitt (may already have put my name on here sorry, in NC Mts no wifi thanks James}
  9. Hi ya, I'm Jeff Truitt, 45 from Hickory NC, spent 4 years in The Navy as a Hospital Corpman on the USS Inchon LPH 12, years as a Street Paramedic, 2003, worked in Iraq as a medic for US Dept of State and Tetra Tech UXO team, spent several years in Haiti doing close protection work for a private company and Haitin Goverment. Worked in UK, Holland, Angola Afirca, Mexico, Korea, Singapore, S Africa, Curacoa, Thailand , Cambodia, on oil rigs and oil drilling ships as a Remote medic, Alsaka as a remote medic, before I got injured and had to give it all up! So now I detect twice a year in England and anywhere I can in the US. Spending time with American Legion doing grave side services with 21 gun salutes, raising Birmingham Roller pigeons,
  10. I'm all in either way you do it! Jeff Truitt
  11. Jeff Truitt
  12. Never know! Be even better to locate were the rounds were fired from! I have a site here in NC loaded with frags we still find bullets and buttons. It's worth a try!