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  1. Hey James---Can we bring a ATV to the 2th Fall Hunt ? Thanks
  2. Hey James ---Can we bring a ATV to this 2th fall Hunt ?
  3. Jack
  4. What time Sat will you be having the sign up, Have to work Sat, so hope that its real early-----Thanks
  5. Is there any way that there could be a 2th fall hunt ? For those that didn,t make the sign up .----Thanks
  6. Hey Guy---Ck your updated List of Paid---Still don,t see my name, You need a copy of my Ck ? Jack Akins

    1. Recon


      Ok---Im sorry, I was looking at the marker that when across, and not the X Makers---Thanks ---Jack Akins .

  7. Hey Guy----Look at your records for paid for spring camp out----My ck was cash the 22th---Also did,t see my name ck off as paid---Thanks ---Jack Akins

    1. jamesbibb



      not sure what this new computer is doing I'll make sure it's 100% by tomorrow morning 

  8. Boy, Would love too---But back to back hunts would be super hard, long way back to Ga. for a few days and then drive back----Will have to pass on the second one------Jack
  9. Great News-------------------->Thanks
  10. Hey James ----Looks like we have your numbers that you need. and then some. So lets have the SIGN UP---We need some time to get ready-----Thanks
  11. Yep---Would love to do the trip---Jack
  12. Yep---Would love to do the trip---Jack
  13. Will most of the next hunts be up around the Culpeper Va. area in the Hot Ground ?
  14. Will be going up to Nome Alaska next year to the AKAU gold resort---Has anyone been in the last years ? Looks like they are finding up to 2oz gold nuggets there. Will be using the new XP Deus with a 11 in coil and mabe the 6X9 coil if its out by then.-----Thanks Jack