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  1. Well, let me chime in on this as well. As many of you may or may not know, or may even not want to know, once upon a time not so long ago I was a committee member for the "other" organized group, and was so for a number of years. I got involved with that organization during their 5th hunt as a relic hunter only. I had a friend that had asked me if I wanted to give an organized hunt a try, and so began my great adventure into the organized relic hunting scene. My only interest was to search for relics on a location that I would never have been able to access otherwise. So, I went with an open mind, and came home with a full pouch, and met a lot of great folks at that hunt. It really excited me to see so many great relics saved, meet so many great people, and be able to walk across a piece of property that held so many great relics. I attended every other hunt this organization had, and began to get to know the organizers on a more personal level, and within a year or so, was asked to become a committee member for this organization. You could imagine my excitement, and to be asked to become a part of the internal structure was a high honor in my mind. Heck, who wouldn't? I mean, no more entry fees, invites to site surveys, inside information on the what's, when's, and where's....sounded like heaven to me, not to mention I got to save relics from locations strictly off limits. As time drew on, and I became more and more involved with behind the scenes with planning, information sharing, site location decisions, etc. a lot more of the "dark side" of the organized relic hunting world came to light. I began to witness, and honestly in hind site, get drawn into, a side of the hobby I never knew existed. I guess the first things that raised red flags in my head that I shrugged off and ignored were the constant verbal attacks, and one sided continual comments that were made about another hunt organizer that were way above and beyond the realm of reason. I have since learned that there truly are two sides to every story, as it is with everything in life, but what troubled me was the continual misinformation that was put out there publically. That was the start of the whole "taking a private matter between two individuals, and introducing it to the whole world" that we all know about now. Of course, when you are only told one side of the story by the folks that are on the side you are on, you naturally are going to form a negative, albeit jaded, opinion of another group. People, many of whom I had never even spoken to, or met. This led me WAY away from my sense of morals, and what I knew in my heart was wrong. But still, I loved the hobby so much that I continued on. As time went on, more and more was exposed about this organization firsthand that I truly loved being a part of still. More and more questions began to stir around in my head. Like why does the doctor at the hunts have to pay to hunt? This individual, who I thought of as a friend until just recently, but that is another story for another time, voiced this concern to me MANY times, in fact up until the point he no longer wanted to be the "medical guy" because of it. Didn't seem fair to me then, still doesn't seem fair to me now. I even voiced this concern multiple times to the hunt organizer on this persons behalf, to no avail. Committee members, many of whom were referred to as "close personal friends" fell by the wayside, kicked to the curb like a piece of garbage, no longer needed or wanted. Why? Well, one such individual left the "inner circle" after he was promised a certain cash compensation for connecting the dots for this organization to obtain permission to one of his personal spots, that ultimately led to NUMEROUS hunts....i.e. Beauregard, which he never received after being promised. He then was ridiculed, called insane, and just about every other name in the book, just to make him look bad and muddy the water just enough to hide the real truth from the public eye, all because he called out the hunt organizers and questioned their integrity. Again, the hunt organizer gave a very jaded side of the story, which many unknowing folks took as the gosphel, and again,shared publically. I too witnessed this firsthand. My digging buddy and I knew of a site that his uncles had found many years ago that was written about and publicized at the time, with articles that circulated in the relic hunting community, but exact location, of course, was kept hush, hush, and only know by a select few. Well, fast forward to current times. My digging buddy and I decided to share this information with this organizer, right down to the current landowners name, and where to find him. It had been openly said by this organizer to committee members many times, that if "you help us to obtain permission to a site that lead to a hunt, I will give you a $3,500 finders fee." Well, this site, and all the information that we knew about it, but did not hunt, was turned over. A site survey was conducted by myself, my digging buddy, and the hunt organizer, and within two hours, a deal was struck. This was the Chausser de Vincennes camp. A few months went by, with not a single word uttered about this "finders fee" by either myself or my digging buddy, or by the hunt organizer. About that time, my wife had a 40th surprise birthday party for me, and the hunt organizers were invited. They showed up, and while there, handed me and my digging buddy a check...for $800 each. Neither of us said a thing, and never did in fact, but this was far from the $3,500 that had been openly promised to ANYONE helping to obtain a site for an organized hunt. Even though it wasn't what was promised, we said nothing, and just let it go. After all, we were not in it for the money. We just wanted to relic hunt, and continue to support an organization we believed in, and were a part of, even though we felt that was wrong, especially considering multiple hunts were held at that location. My point is saying all this is to make people realize that there is a real underbelly to that organization, and these are only just a few firsthand examples of such. Things are not what they seem on that side of the fence. Heck, I couldn't even leave the organization when I fell on some hard times. Mafia like tactics were used to verbally make me feel like I HAD to stay, so I did. Don't get me wrong, nobody held a gun to my head, or threatened to shoot my family, but it was just the point of me NEEDING to leave, and them taking no for an answer because I was "worth" something to the organization. JDG came along, and the hunt organizers wife called me, fuming, stating "anyone who goes to his hunt would be blackballed and not allowed to come to anymore DIV's..." The straw that finally broke the camels back for me was when they negotiated to hold a hunt on a property that I had relic hunting permission on for years, and had been told by the organizer prior to,and in front of, other committee members, " I will NEVER go after a site where you guys hunt" and did it anyway. To make it worse, this was a site that I only frequented occasionally because of a new job that commanded a lot of time and responsibility. So much so that I didn't see the landowners for more than a year. This gentleman's wife had Parkinson's disease, and was about to be put in a nursing home. Had I know this had happened, I would have gladly helped them (the land owners), hold a hunt myself , AND GIVEN THEM EVERY RED CENT, to help them through this process....because it would have been the RIGHT thing to do. I am a man of my word, and numerous times by numerous people, have been asked, " Why don't you hold organized hunts?" The reason I never have is because I gave this hunt organizer my word that "as long as you are holding organized hunts, I will never pursue anything on my own until it was all said and done..." And even though I was wronged many times, I have, to date, kept my word to this organizer...not because I have to....but because I am a man of my word, even to those who have wronged me. So folks, please be are dealing with two individuals who are portraying themselves as Christians, but are in fact wolves in sheep's clothing! These are not personal feelings, but firsthand FACTS, and are just a few examples. Many more exist, many more people have been wronged, and I hope they step forward, and finally let the truth be exposed. Money sure does strange things to some folks! I bet this hunt organizer will fire back at me, saying I snuck dug here, snuck dug there, make up a bunch more LIES about me because of this, just to deflect the real truth in order to save face, same as he has ALWAYS done...instead of doing the right thing...admitting you were wrong...and simply asking for forgiveness. We ALL know THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! So, in closing, I think I will just keep doing as I have been...helping a buddy of mine do his thing....and enjoying the hobby we all know and love...and support the laid back, what you see is what you get hunting experience a bunch of us know as JUST GO DETECTING......The name says it all....and for good reason!!!!!!!!!!
  2. That is a nice find for sure!!!
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  5. Rare indeed. Nice find!
  6. That is a good one. I got a spot like that....Just about when you are ready to give up on it....BAM...out comes a goodie. Just goes to show you can never find it all!! Nice dig.
  7. Now you are killing! Along the old road? Don't find them with the hooks like that much anymore. Nice digs, bud.
  8. Holiday inn, Orange. Only a short drive to hunt site.
  9. Found a beautiful boxplate this evening in the woods in a newly discovered road bed, DEEP! Took a few pics to share. First plate of the year, and a real beauty.
  10. Had a blast, James. Great day, good friends, and a few relics to boot...who could ask for anything more?
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