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  1. Only problem I have now is I am getting obsessed with trash pits and huts, cant stop watching videos about digging them. This was my first experience with anything like that. I couldn't help but stop and watch as others were digging them.
  2. I attended the return to excelsior camp hunt April 8-9. I just wanted to say this was my first hunt with you guys and I had a blast. I did not find a whole lot but thats part of the game. I enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone and look forward to my next dig with the group.
  3. Heloow everyone... Darren here from Long Island Joined the forum a while back and have pretty much just been a lurker. Unit of course I signed up for the return to excelsior camp dig. Anyway glad to be here hope to meet some of you at the dig
  4. Thank you for the response and it was pretty much what I already knew if nothing else just based on machine knowledge.I may gave come across a TDL SL that I can borrow for the hunt so I will bring the Deus and that if it works out.
  5. OK for you guys that have done this before, this will be my first trip down and I have a couple of questions. First I run a Deus and a CTX (very very new with the CTX) would either be better than the other I will likely bring both as long as I can fit them all as this is a side trip from a family vacation for me. Second if anyone has experience running either machine there might you be willing to share some settings with the new guy? Thanks Darren
  6. Darren Wetsell