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  1. I have been to other's hunts and have always preferred yours. You share your time helping others and are glad to give relic hunting advice. I especially like the fact that you treat everyone with respect. It's so nice that you join in the hunt and invite others to hunt around you Thanks for all you do to make our hobby such fun.
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  3. Great shape, congrats!
  4. Very nice plate, congrats Earl!
  5. Sounds like a fun day!
  6. Its in great shape, congrats!
  7. Great finds!
  8. great find!
  9. I am working to move an out of state meeting, hope to join you.
  10. great find, congrats!
  11. really nice button, congrats!
  12. Spent my birthday digging for fired lead in the rain. Still cleaing the mud out of my Jeep.
  13. I finally have time to post my finds from Larry's Petersburg hunt. It was great hunting with James and I had a few good finds. While the North Carolina button was exciting, I have to say my favorite find was the 1865 copper 3 cent piece. Lost the same year it was minted. The coolest part of the trip was actually hunting in the Confederate lines.