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  1. My partner and I have been hunting a short term CS camp for about 8 years. The finds are relatively few but this is the field where I found my AVC button so it keeps drawing me back hoping that that next plow will turn up something awesome. One thing that always turns up are broken pieces to Selma Arsenal friction primers we believe that about 4 or 5 boxes were dropped since we have recovered parts to approx 50 of them. Over the years I have kept all the small parts and reassembled them as I find enough parts - one thing that has eluded me were the wires that was used to ignite the powder in the tubes. Today I went back out after a recent plowing and tried a new tactic using zero disc and dug the very low (0-6) VDI targets and was rewarded with 5 wires so i now have 6 restored primers to display. HH BD
  2. Maybe Carolina Central Railway a little closer to Charleston - found this online: On April 10, 1873, the Wilmington, Charlotte, and Rutherfordton Railroad was reorganized as the Carolina Central Railway Company. In 1874, a new line was completed to Shelby, NC. The new company constructed a bridge across the Pee Dee River and extended tracks through Monroe to join the rails at Charlotte in December of 1874. Thus, the Carolina Central Railway operated a main line of about 240 miles between Wilmington and Shelby, NC. In 1877, the Raleigh & Augusta Air Line Railroad made a connection with this line at Hamlet, NC, opening up a through route to Raleigh and the north. However, even that additional business did not enable the company to operate at a profit. A receiver was appointed by the courts in 1876, and on May 31, 1880 the company was sold at foreclosure to be reorganized as the Carolina Central Railroad, as shown above.
  3. Nice finds
  4. Lookin fwd to see what you guys found
  5. Nice assembly of relics- what is the black knob looking item in the foreground?
  6. Once done w/ elctrolysis coat with rust inhibitor from autozone 3 coats leaves a very nice attractive finish. I like better than linseed oil which can leave sticky residue and self combust - the rags if they are balled up in the trash
  7. Very nice C!
  8. Thanks for the feedback- I will get up with yall when its time prob around sept or so - lookin fwd to having a new toy BD
  9. I got some time to go out this pm to an old spot that was the scene of some heavy skirmishing. It has been hit hard over the years and produces very little anymore. I was kinda forced to hit this spot because its a weekday an I knew the owner would be home and has no issue w/ me (or anyone else -lol) detecting. I lucked up and found one bullet in amongst some tin cans then another about 30 minutes later near someones old dig holes - and it is even in nice shape w a large ramrod mark on the nose but otherwise a nice display relic. Then I stumbled back onto a spot I found a few years ago and dug a few iron caseshot but soon passed it by and forgot exactly where it was. Today I found it again with all the foliage still not out. Anyway - I started getting alot of iron signals and dug a few case shot then found the spot was littered with them - I decided to dig them all and about 45 min later I found 24 caseshot and 2 small frags in a 10 foot circle- I surmise this was a ground burst shell that relic hunters in the 70s just took the large frags and passed on the caseshot. I figure heck they are relics and it was fun. The best part was after clearing them out I got a very weak and intermittent hi tone and after digging down 10 inches was rewarded with a nice dropped .54 cal CS minie! I plan to run all of them through electrolysis and display them in a glass cylinder. By the way - how many caseshot were in a CS 12lb sideloader? BD
  10. Nice find congrats
  11. colonial knee or shoe buckle?
  12. i d

    Yep- a toy ray gun circa 1950's lots of them on ebay or google images not sure about exact model but there ore alot of them made
  13. Hey Gents need some advice- Im looking at getting a GPX I do not live in VA but have some sites here that are beat up and only produce after a deep plow every 5 years or so. Also when I do have an occasion to come to VA for a hunt I dont want to waste the opp to find some relics so Im looking for advice on if the 4500 is a good machine? Also does its lack of all the bells and whistles compared to the 5000 make it a less than optimal compromise ? BD
  14. After getting skunked last trip out with nothing to show but some sort of junk fob with an "A" on it I went back out to another pounded site from an early war CS camp and was rewarded with a big fat 69 and a 54 cal both drops ! These are rare on this site as it mostly produces roundballs of various sizes and those are now very few so finding two drops and one of them a 69 cal was a nice surprise. HH BD
  15. Yes- print some cards with your name/ phone etc. Then get ready to go knock on doors - do some research on your local tax assessor website to find property owner name- when you knock look presentable no detector in hand. I find it best to try around 1000 am on a saturday not too early and before people have left for the day. When you knock take several steps back from the door dont crowd their personal space. Intro yourself -hand them your card. ask if they are the Mr so and so then tell them you are interested in history and from some research it appears their property have seen alot of history- Ask them what they know about their property. Sometimes it helps to show them what you are interested in - show them a bullet - sometimes they will tell you where they have found them on the farm. Then ask them how they would feel if you ran a detector out in the field etc not a yes or no question. if yes great if not thank them for their time - also I usually take a jar of honey or local jam as a thank you if they say yes Hope it helps - always fill your holes and dont leave gates open , etc and permission once isnt an open invite anytime Anyway not trying to insult your intelligence but unscrupulous people ruin the hobby bein stupid. HH BD