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  1. Sounds great if I'm able to go. Shell frags are always fun!
  2. Thanks guys! I searched hard for the wreath on two occasions, but couldn't find it. Hopefully some day
  3. CS_Tongue.jpg

  4. Found this back on the 10th of October. I definitely wasn't expecting this to be my first plate!
  5. That's the best AVC button I've ever seen. Congrats!
  6. rsz_20150618_151041.jpg

  7. Wow! Amazing find!
  8. It seems to work with others, I just like to keep the originality of the relic. But hey, if you're making good finds and having a good time, that's what it's about.
  9. When dealing with iron relics, I don't use electrolysis nor do I personally recommend it. I use boiled linseed oil on smaller iron pieces such as my Sharps hammer, canteen stopper, iron buckles, gun wrenches, bullet worms, etc. For shell fragments, I usually just let them be after rinsing them off. That type of hardened metal usually doesn't chip or flake so I don't really feel a need to do anything to them. Hope this method helps!
  10. North Carolina state seal

    Just found this last Sunday on my birthday. Second Reb button ever!
  11. Elijah Filbert Robert Filbert