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  1. Sweet coins!! What year is the nickel? Is that a old 1 cent piece next to the nickel??
  2. Cool finds Andy!
  3. That's a pretty cool design! ! In one piece and all!
  4. Awesome finds! Very nice, and very jealous :)
  5. Sweet! Congratulations
  6. Nice finds! Check out my "guide" in the top forum on "Today's digs". Instead of using 25%, try something higher. Just make sure it's still below the top limit. ON a side note, i see you're from Elkton! I'm from Elkton too... but Elkton, MD I hope the picture resize post is helpful!
  7. Well, thank GOD for DVR because we wouldn't be able to watch them all as they were released anyways :-/ oh well! :-D
  8. Awesome! Looking forward to getting my first, as well!
  9. NICE James!
  10. Cool lookin' token Andy!
  11. Ahh, very nice perspective!
  12. Very cool finds, Andy!! lol... What the heck is above the "Nut house" pin...? Looks like a monkey........?