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  3. brad bocksel Robert bocksel
  4. Robertbocksel@yRobertbocksel@yahoo. Com Brad bocksel Robert bocksel can't wait to see you all in the fall
  5. Just got word from one of the committee members called me and said get ready for sign ups it might be second week in November and I promise James will give out the dates so be ready for a incredible hunt and I'm not saying were it is and be ready to dig very deep holes that's all I'm going to say for now
  6. hey guys james is working on a very special place for both fall hunts so give him time and when he is ready james will have signups ok just be on the look out for sign ups ok can't wait to see all of you in the fall and this is going to be a hunt that will be one for the books i will post my finds later tonight from the spring hunt i just been so busy that i havent had time and tonight i promis to post my finds from this past spring hunt
  7. weekends work best for us because of my work days
  8. yes you can it would be a honor to dig with you
  9. how big is the place for the,small hunt and how big is the land for the big hunt just wanted to know so we can make up our minds thank brad
  10. Count me in it have whites tdi and the mother pro does very well in hot red dirt so count me and my father in for the fall hunt thanks James
  11. Awesome finds now that's what I'm talking about a plate and some kick ass finds you deserve it go back there might be a couple more plates down there great job wow I want a plate lol
  12. Wow you killed it with the buttons I also love the bullets now that's what I'm talking about a awesome hunt for James see you in two weeks let's dig right now lol jk hope all is well and can't wait to dig those huts out its going to be a hunt for the books see u soon your the man James talk to you soon
  13. your the man now that's a find i hope you find more where that cam from there maybe alot more from that spot so keep on digging there got to be more there go back there maybe more a site is never hunted out till there's nothing left well that's not the case there well i bet there's more buckles there you got to go with a deeper detector then you will find the deeper buckles just saying that there has to be more buckles go deeper and you will find a nother buckle
  14. count both me and my dad brad bocksel robert bocksel thanks james
  15. Hey James just wanted to know if we have a site for the big hunt and I hope the snow is melted by now so I look forward to seeing the sign ups soon yours truly Brad bocksel