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  1. Congrats Matt!
  2. Jumped the Horse here, wife tells me we have plans for that weekend so I am going to have to bow out. Good luck to those who make it.
  3. Steven Kimble
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  6. Yeah my CTX stayed in the truck on the last hunt. The Deus is my go to machine for relic hunts but like Ivan I have moved to the dark side and will be toting the GP3500 around on this hunt
  7. I have the Racer2 that comes with the stock coil, 5.5" coil w/ extra lower rod, environmental covers, and headphones. I want to trade for a deus remote that is still under warranty. The Racer is about a year old and has a year left on the transferable warranty. This machine looks and functions like new.
  8. Hey thanks for taking the time to post all the info James! Might unload one of my other units to free up some funds for the Goldscreamer system. I have 2 of the new batteries coming tomorrow. I believe they are the same batteries the Goldscreamer system takes also. Am hoping to get out and swing this a bit this weekend.
  9. Here are some pics of the Li Po battery unit James.
  10. Thanks for the setting James!
  11. I will post some pics of the rechargeable battery set up later. It looks just like the Gold Screamer set up but has theCoiltek name on it. It was purchased from Robs
  12. Thanks Glenn, I have watched a lot of Tony's videos but never really noticed what machine he was using. Guess I will go back and watch them again LOL!
  13. Just picked this up for $500 from a good friend who bought it originally to hunt for nuggets out west. Hoping I can tame this beast in time for the Spring hunt!
  14. Just picked up a GP3500 with the stock battery as well as the Li Po and amplifier pack. The LI Po batteries set for too long and will not charge but have a couple new ones on the way. The stock battery still works so I am going to try to get a feel for this thing before the spring hunt. Any advice anyone can give me on set up and settings would be greatly appreciated.