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  1. I know you're probably getting a lot of mail about this James so I thought I'd jump in with the rest of them. Any word on the fall hunt?

  2. well i hope not, I have not seen any myself and i get all mass emails as well. The only thing I've been sending out is requesting finds lists from people at the spring hunt
  3. Ok- I've had enough, while the view and fresh air from the High road has been great. It's time to rebut. First and foremost this will remain on an open group, not closed and I surely won't be pruning comments like happen elsewhere. I am continually confused as to why another organization that's been around for so long and had so much success, be so concerned about us and many of you getting together to save Relics. While working constantly to undermine just about anything we do. Well here is why- while we are about having a good time and saving Relics others are about EGO and MoNEY! JGD Hunts are meant by design to be smaller in size, with less competition and a more laid back atmosphere. We will not cram HUNDREDS of diggers onto any site just to make margins. We will only put enough diggers onto a site to make the hunt work, I've been doing this long enough to know how it works. Now- I am a relic hunter, proud to be one. And I don't have anymore access to the sites we choose, outside of the survey, than anyone else that comes to the hunt. If your not OK with me hunting with you in the field then you are in the wrong place. I will hunt in the field alongside everyone else at each hunt, so long as I'm not busy with other things. I always take time to chat with anyone in the field, coach anyone that needs it, help find pits for folks that want to dig them. When you find something awesome I want to see it, your excited about it, as you should be. And I'll do the same. I'm not gonna stand here and listen to some BS ethics lesson from one of the most unethical people in the hobby. We aren't making buckets of cash doing this, so I'm sure gonna dig like every one else & If any of the statements here offend you then, There are other organizations that will gladly take your cash and hang out in the shade of HQ tent for the duration. That's the place for you! We never run to any hotspots discovered during the surveys. In fact the opposite. We are the last ones out of the gate, and go to the area to where pits may be, and away from surface relic pockets and hope to start opening and lining them up for other folks. The sooner one gets open, the better chance multiple can be opened by anyone else, and Relics can be saved! On surveys- other groups do what works for Them. And we will do what we do what works for us, We have to check it properly to make an informed decision, a site may sustain several hundred or maybe only 30. I'll make an offer to them for what the site will sustain. Where do the Relics go during surveys we do? They are cased up (usually) and offered to the landowners. Sometimes they want them and sometimes not. I have no idea what has been checked by this group or that group, we will do our own surveys they can say whatever they want, it doesn't bother me one bit. What the reality is, that there are sites some groups dont feel are worthy of hunt. We have proven them wrong. What they don't feel it's worthy of is being able to keep 300 people busy for 3 days to stuff sacks of cash in the bank. After all the lease is the same basically on any large hunt. Wether I put 100 on it or they put 300 on it. We never hunt spots ourselves that we plan to hold a possible hunt on again- ever. That I know is done elsewhere. And while other groups are doing that, I'm researching and contacting landowners across the state and surrounding states. We never hunt sites during setup, or tear down, that's just wrong in every way. We always allow kids to join their parents in the field. AT NO CHARGE, so long as the site allows it. We love having the kids join in! Bring a kid to another group and see what it costs ya. An entry fee for each of them, that's what it'll cost ya. Here is another little known fact- we welcome anyone to our hunts, not chosen from friends and groups, I know other groups that have banned certain people from attending due to there social/physical/mental conditions. They are welcomed with open arms here. We always have comp'd the fee for our super important EMTs, even though they dig. They are there when needed. Other Groups? Pay up buddy. We strive for the best sites possible, and strive for new ones all the time, and sites that you have a chance at good success with a VLF machine, otherwise I'll say so in the sign ups. It's up to you to read them. There are no guarantees ever in relic hunting. And these aren't guided hunts. Any organized hunts. It's up to you, your experience, your gear, your techniques, research and some luck to be successful. If you dont do any good at a hunt, change it up some. Talk to folks learn a bit. I've not done good and near skunked before at many hunts. Didn't take jabs at them about it, never will. I would still be attending some particular hunt had I not been banned by association. Do I hype up sites? Well no more than "this is one you don't want to miss" or "cautiously optimistic" I'm an excited guy. And love this hobby. So yeah we will get excited and have energy! And I hope you will too! I could go on and on but no need. So if you love diggin' love hanging out with like minded folks, love the chance at finding a first. Or even a killer piece then join us! Or don't that's fine too. And get your dig on elsewhere! Oh and good luck!
  4. LOL thanks i see that now
  5. Is this a DD coil?
  6. awesome
  7. Brandy Station va culpeper
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Fantastic Find!
  10. you can park on one end or the other of the farm. A backpack is good idea. You can drop it in an area you are hunting and have what you need for the time your out there. BUt you'll only be at the most a 10 min walk back to the vehicle
  11. Portable toilet will be onsite for the duration
  12. Trina, the free space only applies to Children 13 and under. I understand your stance however the line has to be somewhere and thats where it is. I am more than willing to loan you another detector for the hunt for one of you to use. James
  13. hi james its brad i have seem to lost my phone it has a major crack in and ita a samsung it has 3 buttons on the front and the crack is on the left side of the phone i think i left it sencond reanment filed close to the road or in the back of the filed by the woods and if you find it let me know and it a big crack on the left side on my phone samsung is on the front and its white lettering


  14. Culpeper hotel or camp onsite