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  1. All three coils are SOLD!
  2. Here's a pic of the used 12x15 DD coil.
  3. I have for sale 3 Commander coils. I have 1-18 inch Round DD coil that has been used once and a used 12x15 DD Elliptical and a new unused 12x15 Mono coil. I also have 4-12x15 coil covers All are available for pickup or delivery at any of the local VA paid relic hunts. I am asking $200 for the 18" round and $175 for the 12x15 DD Elliptical and $150 for the 12x15 mono. I will also sell all three coils and the four extra coil covers for $450 firm for the lot. This is about $1,200 worth of coils and covers. Shipping is extra or they are available for pickup in VA. If you have any question shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  4. Ralph Nevils
  5. Lanny Parrott
  6. This was found on a colonial/Civil War site. Any idea what it is?
  7. Anyone have any idea what these two things are? They were found at a plantation that was built in 1840.
  8. Thanks guys!
  9. Anyone know what this is? It was found at a Revolutionary campsite that also had Civil War camps as well.
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. I found out the other thing is a adjustable powder flask top/nipple. It allow the soldier to dial the size charge he wanted with 3 separate notched settings.
  12. Thanks Joe! Nice to finally know what it is.
  13. That's a no date Large Cent!
  14. A few more finds from the spot I took Phil to.
  15. Anyone know what this is. I found it on the same site Phil and I have been finding our Civil War and Colonial relics.