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  1. If you click the link, he believes he will start taking new orders in June.
  2. Congratulation on the Confederate Officers Button, nice find!
  3. My best find to date is a ring I found on the first day of hunting at Kelly's Ford. Took it to a jeweler the other day to get it looked are the findings. It is a copper ring... 18k heavy rolled gold plated...still some gold on the ring. Also the solder area he said is a repair. Said best he can tell to him looks 1843 or 1853... not sure if it is a date but the repair makes it hard to see because the solder covers most if the area of the third number. Found at the base of the hill at the far back side near the spring. It was a good day!
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  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Welcome Trent...a lot of good people here on the site to draw knowledge from.
  7. Nice saves!
  8. Happy Birthday James!
  9. James, payment sent through Paypal, release will be in the mail tomorrow morning. Thank you again James for another hunt with a great group of people.
  10. Been a while since I posted on this, just updating everyone on where I am. Been talking to land owners where the raid came through. Have hit a road block, been running to some that have been talking to others who have had bad experiences with other detectorist over the years. So I have been getting a friend who is their neighbor to help me, took him out on a hunt, showing how to properly cover holes. Hopefully with his help I will be able to follow the Civil War raid later in the year. Don't want to be seem pushy with the land owners and completly close it off.
  11. I good with whatever is planned. Thank you James and the committee for working hard to find good places to go.
  12. Awesome News!!! Again thank you James and the rest of the committee for finding great places to hunt!