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  1. Some of you have sent pictures of cloth seals (and bag seals) to me over the years. My book on cloth seals has just been published today - a couple were found in America. Just in case any are interested see here - The e-version is considerably cheaper.
  2. Sorry I didn't get back to you ... and not worth the wait either as they've both stumped me!! Not even sure the bottom one is a seal! Thanks for showing me though. Just wondering if the top one has anything to do with customs -
  3. Thanks for the PM Herbie - always the best way to contact me or via my public email -, as I leave messages on so many forums I forget to check them all for replies. Sorry for the problem you had getting onto the Bagseal Gallery - my fault - I was tinkering with it and set the log in default by mistake ! Thanks for the kind comments - it just takes time and help from your friends (your site is definitely heading in the right direction ) Were there traces of a barrel at the find spot for the seal and figure? I think the other seal you have shown is a cloth workers one like the ones on this page - If you have a picture of the other side I'd like to add it to the Gallery please. As for the Russian one with an anchor - St Petersburg arms have anchors - Thanks again and keep those pictures of seals coming ;)
  4. Couple of links that may be of interest:- For Steelheadwill and for Wadams